4 Reasons Why You Might Need Tooth Extractions as an Adult

Baby teeth sometimes have to be pulled if there’s severe decay, if the root has gone bad, or if there’s an infection. Teeth can become impacted, refuse to fall out, shift in your mouth, or your gum may start to grow over your teeth. However, it’s not just recalcitrant baby teeth that sometimes need extracting.

At Fayette Dental Group, serving patients in Fayetteville, Georgia, and the surrounding area, Dr. Charley Cheney and our team of experienced dental specialists provide tooth extractions when needed. Here are the top four reasons you might need to get one or more teeth extracted as an adult.

1. Impacted wisdom teeth

The pain from an impacted wisdom tooth can feel unbearable. The tooth next to your wisdom tooth can be damaged or even fractured if the wisdom tooth isn’t removed. If your wisdom tooth doesn’t come in properly, you can end up with permanently inflamed gums, displaced molars, or sinus issues. 

2. Broken or fractured teeth

A mild crack or chip in your tooth can typically be repaired. We place fillings and crowns to save teeth that have mild damage. However, if your tooth can’t be repaired, extraction may be the only option. We try to make this a last option, as having an empty socket weakens your arch of teeth and lets other teeth start moving around and loosening.

3. A failed root canal

An infected tooth root is maybe even more painful than an impacted wisdom tooth. You feel so much pressure, and might even sense your heartbeat pulsing away inside your affected tooth. 

A root canal involves removing the top of your tooth, scraping out the infected pulp inside your root, and filling the canal with a sterile substance before topping your tooth with a natural-looking crown. However, if the root canal fails, you may need to have your tooth removed. 

4. Preparation for dentures or implants 

Severe damage to your teeth or advanced periodontal disease may mean you need to have one, several, or all teeth in one or both arches extracted. Then your dentist may recommend dentures or dental implants to restore your smile. 

We always try to save your teeth if we can. However, if tooth extraction becomes necessary, we’re still able to save your smile with custom tooth restorations that look, feel, and function just like your original teeth.

Do you think you may need a tooth extraction? Call 770-683-2000 to book a consultation, or request an appointment using our online form.

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