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Why should I get my teeth cleaned every 6 months?

During your dental cleaning you will get an exam by the dentist including an oral cancer screening. The hygienist removes tartar from your teeth which cannot be removed with toothbrush and floss. Each person has different dental needs depending on risk factors. Having your teeth cleaned every 6 months is a good general recommendation. You should go at least annually to the dentist, even if you don’t have teeth to have an exam, oral cancer screening, and ensure dentures fit correctly. Your dentist will make a specific recommendation for you on frequency of cleanings.

I came in for a cleaning but now I need a periodontal care. Why?

We use periodontal charting, visual examination, and evaluation of dental radiographs to diagnose gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Depending on the condition of your gums, periodontal treatments including scaling and root planning and/or prescription dental products may be needed to treat the disease. More frequent maintenance cleanings may also be necessary to help you achieve healthy gums.

What can I do in between cleanings to keep my teeth and gums healthy?

Brushing twice daily for two minutes and flossing daily is essential for everyone. Regular physical examinations with your primary care doctor are essential to ensure overall health as there is a relationship between overall health of the body and oral health. Drink water throughout the day to cleanse the mouth, buffer the pH, and keep you hydrated. Eat a healthy diet including fibrous vegetables which help cleanse the teeth and strengthen supporting tissues and dairy products that contain calcium and have a basic pH which is good for your teeth. Maintain a relationship with your dentist and call the office if you have any concerns between your regular visits.

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