How Botox Can Treat a Gummy Smile

How Botox Can Treat a Gummy Smile

Every smile has its own unique charm, and some people think that a gummy smile can make you look happier and more approachable. However, many people aren’t fond of their noticeable gums and will go to great lengths to smile differently or not at all. With Botox® injections, you can grin without exposing your gum line.

At Fayette Dental Group, serving patients in Fayetteville, Georgia, and the surrounding area, Dr. Charley Cheney and our team of experienced dental specialists can provide carefully spaced injections of Botox to resolve your gummy smile.

What causes a gummy smile 

Usually, only the corners of your gums are seen while smiling, but this isn’t the case for everyone. A gummy smile isn’t a condition or flaw, but rather a natural feature of your face. Many people are genetically predisposed to this kind of smile, though it can also occur when gingival tissue becomes overgrown. 

A gummy smile is most often caused by a short or hyperactive upper lip, which curls upward and exposes your gums. You might be able to prevent your gums from showing by stiffening your lips, but that can lead to a strained or ingenuine smile. 

This is where Botox comes in. By paralyzing the tiny muscles responsible for pulling your upper lip away from your teeth, your dentist can relax your smile naturally and keep your gums from showing. 

How Botox can help 

Botox has become a household name in regard to wrinkles, but it has many other practical uses. Made using a purified form of botulinum toxin type A, Botox injections can help reduce facial wrinkles, amblyopia (lazy eye), excessive sweating, muscle spasms, and even migraines. 

The key to Botox treatment for a gummy smile is the placement of the injections. Dr. Cheney targets the area between your nose and upper lip. It only takes a few units to freeze the area, and the neurotoxin can last anywhere from a few weeks to six months. 

The best part is that Botox injections are minimally-invasive and temporary, so they’ll gradually wear off if you decide not to follow up. If you’re pleased by your new smile, you can get a touch-up in a single session, and with repeated treatments, your results will last longer between visits. 

What to expect 

Before moving forward with any kind of treatment, Dr. Cheney will brief you on the risks and side effects of Botox to make sure it’s right for you. 

During your consultation, he will ask you what your ideal smile looks like, and estimate how much work is necessary to get there. If an overactive upper lip is to blame for your gummy smile, there’s a good chance Botox can positively resolve the issue

During the injections, you can expect a little pinch. Only a tiny amount of the serum is injected into the shallow area above your lip, so the procedure is safe and speedy. You can even return to work immediately after, as long as you avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting. 

Light bruising and inflammation are common, but they will fade as your body begins absorbing the toxin. Results can take time, especially if it’s your first treatment, so try practicing your smile in the days following your injections. 

Ready for a change? Correct your gummy grin by calling Fayette Dental Group at 770-683-2000 today, or request an appointment online anytime.

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